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Everyone at Huntertown Elementary is practicing a philosophy that was introduced to us a few years ago. To ensure success of our students, we focus on climate, community, and curriculum in our school.

Creating a pleasant climate for our students is important to help them function at their fullest potential. Research has shown that creating a relaxing school environment helps reduce stress caused by over stimulation. Through lighting, pleasant colors, and clean, uncluttered work areas, staff members are continually working to create an environment in which students can perform at their personal best.

Building community in the classroom and in the school is another important aspect of success in students' performance. Recent brain research confirms that stress and threats in the environment inhibit and minimize the brain's capabilities. At Huntertown, one way we work toward eliminating stress and creating community is by following the lifelong guidelines. Stressing the importance of truth, trust, active listening, no put downs, and personal best helps the students maintain skills needed for success in life. These lifelong guidelines are taught through several lifeskills. Daily welcome and agenda boards and inclusion activities also help aid in the community of our classrooms.

State standards are the focus of our curriculum. We are working toward Susan Kovalik's ITI model of teaching, which emphasizes teaching the standards through brain compatible strategies. This helps meet the individual needs of our students.

Although we are all at different levels in our journey, we're all striving toward the same goal -- to allow your children to achieve success in a pleasant, non threatening environment.