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About Huntertown Elementary

Huntertown is a dynamic learning community that has a rich history of meeting the needs of students in the Huntertown area. Huntertown School has existed since 1922 when the facility opened. For more than 40 years, the school served the community as a K-12 facility. Huntertown's last class of high school seniors graduated in 1968, and with the opening of the new Carroll High School, Huntertown became a K-8 school. Subsequent years saw the opening of two middle schools, which changed Huntertown's role to a K-6, then to its current role as a K-5 facility.

Huntertown Elementary School operates with a staff of full-time certified teachers, six part-time certified teachers or specialists, one full-time administrator, two full-time counselors, and a support staff of 30 dedicated educators. The staff and school community serve a current enrollment of 650 students in grades K-5. School programs include a variety of learning experiences for students: gifted and talented programs, special education programs for a wide range of learning needs, a special needs 4-5 program, an LEP (Limited English Proficiency) program, and many others designed to meet and challenge our wide range of learners' needs.

The community is proud of Huntertown Elementary School and very supportive of the school's functions. Many parents, grandparents, and special guests visit our school to volunteer, eat lunch with their children, or work on special projects at the request of the school's staff. We welcome the community to be a part of the educational process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information!

-Mr. Stansifer, Principal

  • Photo of Huntertown High School in 1968