Exclusion From School

Dear Parents,

There are many reasons we ask that children stay home from school or at times we will ask you to pick up your child from school due to illness. The most common reasons are pink eye, fever, and vomiting.

  1. Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Students may return to school with a written note from their physician stating that the eye redness is due to allergies or if they have a note from a physician stating they are on medications to treat the pink eye and they are no longer contagious. Eye should be clear.
  1. Fever: Students will be sent home if they have a temperature over 100 degrees. Child may return to school when they have been fever free for 24 hours and they are not on medicines to keep their fever down (Tylenol and Motrin type medicines). They can return to school on antibiotics.
  1. Vomiting / Diarrhea: Students will be sent home if they have vomited or have diarrhea at school. They should not come to school until 24 hours AFTER the last time they have had vomiting or diarrhea.
  1. Uncontrolled coughing: Students should not come to school if they have a cough they cannot contain or is not controlled. Students with an uncontrolled cough will be sent home.
  1. Unidentified rashes or parasites: If a student has an unidentified rash or issues with parasites, they may be sent home until the problem is identified by a physician and they are treated and /or cleared to return to school.

These guidelines are enforced at each level in Northwest Allen County Schools.

These are not the only reasons a child will be sent home and it is at the nurse's professional discretion if a child needs to stay at school or be sent home. A healthy child is ready and willing to learn. Staying healthy is something to be learned so education and health are intertwined.

Your help in keeping your child home when needed will help us keep others healthy.

Sandy Kelty

Corporation Nurse